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IndieCan 628

February 28, 2021 Joe C Season 15 Episode 628
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IndieCan 628
Show Notes

It's just a pandemic Monday(any day); wish it was a COVID-free day; that's my fun day... 
want to listen to indiecan music day, even just a replay, 
reminds of music fests in Canada eh! 
Just a pandemic Monday

Rendezvous With Madness 2020 had just gone virtual by necessity, at the time of recording this Lock-down Episode of IndieCan. RWM is an addiction and mental health film and art festival put on by Workman Arts and Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto Canada. There is always a music story in a soundtrack or a documentary about a musician suffering from problems other than rhymes.  And now, more than ever, depression and anxiety are the new normal. How do addicts and crazies set themselves apart? 

Musically, here's the best music you've never heard: Foolproof, Terra Lightfoot, The Elwins, 
Flamingo Báy,  Rich Aucoin, Whale and the Wolf, SAUL, Dead Romantic, Goodnight, Sunrise, 
Autopilot, Dinosoul, Indie Week's Darryl Hurs, MAYBE MAY, Stephen Fearing, Kym Simon, Barry Muir, David James McCallum, Gord Downie, NOBRO & The Dears

stay in touch, we need each other...